“I’ve known and worked with Jan for over ten years and have used his expertise in two places of employment for multiple projects. Jan is a strategic thinker, is thorough in approach, and due to his organizational intervention we have resolved a number of internal issues and charted positive proactive planning strategies that encompass hundreds of employees.”

“I wholeheartedly endorse Jan as a strategic thinker with exceptional facilitation and interpersonal skills. His insights and counsel have been invaluable to me as we execute our leadership succession and transition into the next chapter of our organization’s history.”

“Our team benefited from Jan’s expertise to help steer us in the right direction with our current rapid growth. With Jan you can expect to get exceptional positive results.”

“One of my favorite things that certainly originated in our time together is how our meetings are different. There are many meetings where we now make real decisions… substantive decisions… without endless rehash and those decisions are truly guided by our goals and shared vision. To your prospective clients this, alone, may be worth working with you.”

“Yes… we have changed for the good and your leadership seminars helped us. I know it helped me – we have talked about this many times. Working with you reminds me of the fire I start every morning in our wood stove at home. I need only some good, hard, seasoned kindling… and then, just one match, to get it going strong and burning brightly.”