Spring Shift

The universe reminds us that shift happens, even if we aren’t paying close attention.

With the equinox comes revitalization. The hidden becomes manifest. What was dormant springs into obvious life right before us.

Time to wake up. Even bears do.

Some of us begin the calendar year looking ahead, carefully planning our projects with hope of reaping a harvest of gracious plenty, knowing that work and attention to detail will help the process along.

And now, with the first quarter of the year behind us there is still time to prepare.

Three quarters of a year remains in which to perform.

Perhaps a good time to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished in 2021. And, a time to plan and prepare for what we want to manifest in the months ahead.

The dark is becoming light.

Time to wake up.  Still time to prepare. Still time to plant.

And, soon it will be time to stop and smell the roses…

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